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“Weathervane Weather” is located in Montague, Michigan and has been providing Montague weather since 2005.  It originally began as Tim’s Weather Page in 2003 when it was just a single page attached to the family website.  Given our proximity to the world’s largest weathervane it seemed a logical choice to make this infamous landmark the figurehead and namesake for my site.   The site evolved from what my wife would describe as an affliction for weather and then my gaining of a personal weather station.  

The purchase of a LaCrosse WS-2310/2315 Weather Station, from an online Internet Weather store called Ambient Weather, started the ball rolling.  The Ambient site has a forum where you can communicate with other weather enthusiasts and discuss equipment and software that was sold by Ambient Weather.  After seeing how others were creating web sites and with the support of peers on the forum, my weather web page came into being.  Once I obtained the weathervaneweather.com domain name the site evolved rather slowly as I had to learn how to create web pages and gain the associated skills to make it into its current form.  My goal in creating Weathervane Weather was to present a simple and easy to read and navigate webpage.  Too often I have seen personal weather sites crammed with so much data that it is confusing and I wanted to steer clear of that type of appearance.  I am quite satisfied with the current look and presentation of the weather information.   There are still some minor additions to complete but it is finally nearing completion.

The LaCrosse Station was a good beginning wireless station but it had some issues related to interference which all too often caused erroneous information in the historical data.   This issue tended to drive me just a little crazy.   There were potential fixes to resolve some of the interference offered on the weather forum but given my overall disappointment I decide to upgrade my equipment to the Davis Vantage Pro 2.   Since the only real option on our property for proper placement of the temperature and humidity sensors was mere yards from high tension power lines, I went with the wired version of the station to avoid any possibility of electromagnetic interference which I suspected was part of my problem with the LaCrosse.  The LaCrosse station was good for reporting current conditions but the erratic data that was recorded to the data file was just not acceptable.  I have been extremely satisfied with the VP2 and would highly recommend it to anyone considering the addition of a weather station. 

This website was created as a hobby and in no way should be considered a professional weather site.  The data provided is generated from both my weather station and weather sources on the Internet.  While I consider the data very accurate, delays in updating, for what ever reason, could lead you to incorrect assumptions about the current status of the weather.  This is true of any weather taken from the Internet.  Never make important decision from weather obtained on the Internet!

Weathervane Weather Statistics: 

Weather Station                        Davis Vantage Pro 2 (wired)

Weather Software                    Virtual Weather Station (Internet Version)

Webpage Design Software       Microsoft Expression Web 4

FTP Software                           Filezilla

Web host                                 ICDSoft

Webcam                                  Foscam F19826P HD IP Camera

Dedicated Wx Computer          Lenovo Desktop Intel Pentium J2850 2.41 GHz





Copyright © 2005-2017 By Tim Ross  All Rights Reserved       mailto:postmaster@weathervaneweather.com

Never make important decisions based on weather information that is obtained from the Internet!